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Welcome to, your site entirely dedicated to Tarot de Marseille. In addition to being able to make your free draw online, you can find here many articles devoted to the most popular tarot of our time: the tarot of Marseille. If you are discovering this tarot for the first time, or if you do not yet know its origin very well, we invite you to discover its history and to consult the various articles on meanings of cards : the minor mysteries and the major mysteries. To deepen your knowledge concerning this tarot deck, know that a interpretation guide printing is available. So you can make a draw card and interpret it yourself.

The Tarot of Marseille

The tarot of Marseille is a divinatory tarot allowing you to predict the future, and to learn more about yourself, about your relationships (friendship and love), and on your life. Some taromancers or consultants use it to help them see more clearly in their work, in their couple relationship, etc … And others use it as a means psychological to help others get better in their bodies and in their heads. Indeed: divinatory tarot cards have the power to cure ailments and to remove doubts as soon as the game is launched.

Marseille tarot draw

Marseille tarot cards

This part of the site is entirely devoted to the study of Marseille tarot cards. Each article will reveal the secrets contained in the major mysteries. All their symbols will also be decrypted to the delight of fortune-tellers and divinatory tarot buffs. Because knowing the symbols and secrets of the Marseille tarot cards will undoubtedly make you a very great fortune-teller. The mysteries hide many treasures and their symbols all have a very precise meaning. Discover all the mysteries of the cards of the most famous divinatory tarot: the Marseille tarot.

Tarot draw online

It is almost impossible to read the cards for yourself. We quickly mix desires and truth … The greatest fortune-tellers also had their own seers. We therefore suggest that you have the cards drawn online by a professional expert. Discover in this part of the site a multitude of tarot drawing software online. Choose the one that’s right for you and find out what the future holds … Any questions about love, work, health or family can be asked. A professional clairvoyant will answer your questions quickly during your special moment. By opting for the online tarot draw, you put an end to doubts and fears and finally begin to appreciate life…

The other tarots

The divinatory tarot cards are numerous. There are, in addition to the Marseille tarot, the gypsy tarot, the Persian tarot, the angels tarot, the belline oracle, the giant oracle, the elves tarot, etc. Each tarot game has its specialty and well-defined maps. To learn how to draw cards with these tarots, it is necessary to know the history and the meaning of each of their cards. These articles below will answer all your questions regarding the history of tarot cards, the secrets of tarot cards and the different methods of drawing.

The tarot blog

This part of the site is entirely dedicated to visitors. Do you have a question about tarot cards? Interested in learning more about the history of tarot cards? Want more information on the meaning of a tarot card? Ask all your questions here, our visionaries will answer them very quickly. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the History of the Marseille tarot, the cards and their meanings, the interpretation of tarot cards upside down and upside down, the different other tarots and the multiple methods of drawing that ‘there are… good visit to all.

The Major Arcanas of the Tarot de Marseille

  • Bateleur
    The Juggler
  • the popess
    The Popess
  • L'Impératrice
    The Empress
  • L'Empereur
    The Emperor
  • Le Pape
    The Pope
  • L'Amoureux
    The Lover
  • Le Chariot
    The Chariot
  • La Justice
  • L'Hermite
    The Hermit
  • La Roue de Fortune
    The Wheel of Fortune
  • La Force
  • Le Pendu
    The Hanged Man
  • La Mort
  • Tempérance
  • Le Diable
    The Devil
  • La Maison Dieu
    The Tower
  • L'Étoile
    The Star
  • La Lune
    The Moon
  • Le Soleil
    The Sun
  • Le Jugement
  • Le Monde
    The World
  • Le Mat
    The Fool
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