The complete interpretation guide for the Tarot de Marseille

The tarot de Marseille card: The Popess


The Popess is the second card of the tarot de Marseille.
She is one of major arcana.

Hidden symbols of the Popess’s card

Summary of symbols of the Pope: mystery, silence, intuition, secret.

His coat is purple and blue : purple and blue are the colors of spirituality and wisdom. The image of the Great Mother, also known as Isis, Diane, Ishtar and Sequana.

It is associated with the Moon, emotionality, clairvoyance. She is the keeper of the secrets of the night.

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<p class=A veil frames her face. In order to withdraw it, it is necessary to undertake a long inner path during which we will learn otherwise. The knowledge we need to remove this veil is not in the books, but in direct contact with the secret forces of the unconscious.

She wears red and green. Red symbolizes the masculine, the active, the yang, which must mix with the green, symbol of receptivity, femininity, yin. The mixed colors will bring the completeness of the coincidence of the opposites.

The Popess holds a book on his knees: he is to be equated with the heart. You cannot enter it with your intellect. The popess teaches that in order to know the bottom of things, it is necessary to experience the female way, nocturne and intuitive. The female way was repressed and badly known for centuries. She was even punished at the stake: now we can fight for and use the power of women.

The Popess is sitting at the entrance to the Temple of solomon, also known as Masonic temple. This is where the inner transformation took place thanks to the rite and the confrontation with the ideas of others.

The associations of the Pope

The Popess symbolizes the priestess of mystery, feminine knowledge. It is respected and considered, since ancient times, as the way of intuition and the heart. It in no way evokes religion, culture, active and masculine research.

The Popess corresponds:

* At 2.
* To the letter BĂȘt of the Hebrew alphabet.
* To the initiation door.
* To the sefira Geburah, relating to the law of the Universe.


Month : May and June.
Day of the week : on Monday.
Zodiac signs : Cancer, Taurus.

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The Popess is associated: with the temples, at home, in the place where one lives alone, with an obstetrician’s office.

Forecast duration

The effect of the card lasts from one to three months.

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