The complete interpretation guide for the Tarot de Marseille

The tarot de Marseille card: The Lover

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The Lover is the sixth card of the tarot de Marseille.
He is one of major arcana.

Hidden symbols of the Lover’s card

Summary of symbols of the Lover: indecision, choice, love, Hercules, jealousy, wealth.

Clothes of Lovers are from bright colors : red, green, blue, yellow. This refers to the nature of the young man who is still too human, too easily influenced, too flexible.
The two women are:
A queen virtuous and moral. It refers to the image of the Pope.
And a woman with undone hair wearing a green and yellow dress under his coat. To be present the hedonistic aspect of life.

The green is attributed to Venus, goddess of pleasure and seduction.
Yellow is representative of the money, but also of the jealousy and envy that accompany wealth.

The bow and arrow of Cupid above the arcane represent the union of the sign Sagittarius to the sefira Tiphereth, whose divine energy is beauty. They also unite love and attraction.

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Message from the lover card

The lover represents a young man able to join a group as a peer if he passes the final exam. He completes his learning period, he is an insider.

The lover’s card is associated with the mythological scene of the young Hercules having to make a choice with Chiron. This choice will determine his future life. From then on, two women appeared to him and each promised him very different directions and advantages. The first represents softness and the second represents rigor. Among the directions proposed, the concepts good and bad, of the virtue and vice are discussed.
The Lover depicted on the arcane is undecided, hesitant, in the midst of two women, one of whom promises him moral satisfaction while the other tries to seduce him by making him dangle the pleasure that it would bring him.

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<p class=The Lover corresponds:

* At 6.
* To the letter vav of the Hebrew alphabet.


The lover is associated with: clinics, hospitals, laboratories, workshops, art galleries, offices, fields.

Forecast duration

The card’s omens take effect between fifteen days to three months.

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