The complete interpretation guide for the Tarot de Marseille

The tarot de Marseille card: The Hanged Man

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<p class=The Hanged Man is the twelfth card of the Tarot of Marseille.

He is one of major arcana.

Hidden Symbols of the Hangman Card

Summary of symbols Hangman: chance, passive and mystical initiation, punishment.

The hanged man is here 12th card tarot from Marseille. It is therefore in analogy with the zodiac sign: The Fish. Pisces are associated at sacrifice and at the feet.

In the past, hanging and feet were symbols of a very painful punishment reserved for debtors.

The two columns surrounding the Hangman swaying in the void certainly correspond to the entrance to the Temple of Solomon.

His hands behind his back, certainly linked, prevent the Hanged Man from freeing himself and acting on him.

Pain and loneliness evoked by the blade of the tarot refer to the fact that, from pain, springs up the clear and enlightened idea. It’s the beginning of acceptance and transformation of the Self.

His clothes, where blue and red dominate, refer to the idea of ​​innocence and purity, but also of strength and courage. The Hanged Man finds strength not in his muscles, but in his soul with occult powers.

The Hangman’s Position, arms behind the back and crossed legs, recall the upside-down triangle surmounted by a cross: this symbolizes the accomplishment of Great Work.

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<h2>Hangman’s Card Message</h2>
<p>The Hanged Man makes us understand that knowledge is obtained by <strong>staying still</strong> for hours and hours. By staying that way, we expect to be surprised by the Enlightenment, like the Indian ascetic, the Tibetan, the Sufi. By being still, we are receptive and available <strong>listen</strong>.</p>
<p>The Hanged Man has discovered that the secret to penetrating the essence of things is found in <strong>their overthrow</strong>. What was considered a limitation or a link is now a source of energy, a springboard for a new experience.</p>
<p class=The Hanged Man corresponds:

* At 12.
* With the Hebrew letter lamed.


Season : End of winter.

Month : /

Day of the week : Saturday.

Zodiac signs : Libra, Pisces.

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The Hanged Man is associated with: water, springs, streams, sea, (in places of water), enclosed, mystical places, convents, hospitals, churches, concert halls.

Forecast duration

The completion time corresponds to five or six months, and the effects last over time.

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