The complete interpretation guide for the Tarot de Marseille

The tarot de Marseille card: The Sun

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The Sun is the nineteenth card of the tarot de Marseille.

He is one of major arcana.

Hidden symbols of the Sun card

Summary of symbols of the Sun: reason, masculine principle, activity, feminine, receptivity, purity, truth, light, wealth, gold, change, stability, constancy, Mercury.

The couple of twins hug tenderly with a dance step.

They triumph under the light of truth.

The sunlight, divine presence, seems to be able to redeem men: when it does, they can recover their integrity, the lost paradise. Opposites will be assembled and accepted by both.

The sun enriches the couple with a golden shower.
gold represents alchemy, philosophy, spirit.

Message from the Sun card

This arcane must be studied in opposition to the Moon which is its complement. The Sun is constant, steady.

The Sun corresponds:

* At 19.
* With the Hebrew letter qof.


Season : late spring, summer solstice.

Month : June.

Day of the week : Wednesday, Sunday.

Zodiac signs : Leo, Gemini.


The Sun is associated : outdoor places exposed to the sun, deserts, beaches.

Forecast duration

The effect of the card varies. It can be three weeks, a month or a year. It depends on the cards with which the Sun is associated.

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