The complete interpretation guide for the Tarot de Marseille

Interpretation of the card: Death

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Interpretation of the card: The death (arcana

In General.

Death represents disillusionment, pain, pessimism and violence.
In the worst case, it can predict suicide or a fatal accident.
It represents a maniacal person, an assassin, a suicide, a seriously depressed person.

Affective plan.

Arcanum No. 13 heralds the unexpected and brutal breakdown of a relationship.

Professional plan.

A dismissal and / or forced termination of a professional relationship are to be expected. The success is canceled by an unforeseen event.

Financial plan.

The consultant risks losing his pension and his reputation. His business is drifting and his economic enterprise is in danger of collapsing.

Physical plane.

The consultant or a close relative may be suffering from a serious illness, so the outcome will be determined by the maps next to Arcane No. 13.
In the worst case, Death can presage suicide, death, incurable evil.
Death represents: shaken nerves, poor health, fractures, injuries, poisoning. Disease of the rectum or genitals cannot be excluded.

Upside down

In general.

Death represents melancholy (intended to be resolved quickly), temporary loneliness.
Symbolically, it represents the end of a period and therefore the new beginning.
Arcanum No. 13 is representative of a person who has rebuilt his life after great sorrow, great pain.

Affective plan.

A drastic change is necessary in the couple of the consultant. It rebalances the relationship or creates a painful but beneficial breakup. The temporary loneliness phase will precede new relationships or a change of partner.

Professional plan.

Arcanum No. 13 announces a change of residence or job. A series of obstacles will be overcome and will give way to a business which will be completed.

Financial plan.

An inheritance is expected. Innovations in capital management will be welcome. An error will start off on the right foot.

Physical plane.

Death announces a miraculously averted accident. The return to a good state of health after an intervention is planned.
Be careful though; Arcane # 13 is linked to sexuality, sperm, hormones and white blood cells.

In summary

Death Upside Down represents the beneficial end, while upside down it represents the brutal and destructive unexpected.


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